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Complete Taxonomic details of Species:  Cephalotaxus fortunei Hook.

Family: Taxaceae Genus: Cephalotaxus Species:  Cephalotaxus fortunei Hook.






Synonym Cephalotaxus pendula, Cephalotaxus mascula Flower Color Greenish
Common Name Chinese Plum Yew Flower Type Solitary
English / Trade Name Chinese Plum Yew, Plum Yew, Chinese cowtail Pine Flowering Period April-June
Vernacular /Local Name Thangji Fruiting Period Oct-Dec
Altitude 300-1800 m Fruit Type Follicle
Habit Tree Fruit Details Fruit appear on the male plant and are up to 25mm long and these are arils appearing blue, ripening to a purple brown colour
Habitat Occurs in mixed broad-leaved forests, mixed conifer-broad-leaved forests and in coniferous forests Bark Type Rugged
Distribution Southwestern, Central And Southeastern China and Myanmar Bark Details Reddish brown Bark that appears purplish in places with rough square scales and long shreds peeling off
Distribution in manipur Eastern Origin Native
    Leaf Type Needle-like
    Leaf Arrangement Opposite (leaves in pairs along stem)
    Leaf Shape Ovate
Description of Species It is a shrub or small tree growing to as high as 20 m with a diameter at breast height of about 20 cm are usually multi-stemmed with an open and loosely rounded crown. Leaf Details Leaves glossy dark green leaves are in the form of needles with sharp tips and are up to 15cm long

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