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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Cestrum nocturnum L.

Family: Solanaceae Genus: Cestrum Species: Cestrum nocturnum L.






Synonym Cestrum graciliflorum, Cestrum leucocarpum Flower Color White
Common Name Night Queen, Night-blooming cestrum, Hasna Hena Flower Type Cyme
English / Trade Name Night Blooming Jasmine, Lady Of The Night Flowering Period Jan-March
Vernacular /Local Name Thabal Lei Fruiting Period Jan-March
Altitude Up to 1900 m Fruit Type Berry
Habit Shrub Fruit Details The fruit is a berry 10 mm long by 5 mm diameter
Habitat Occurs in garden requires full sun or semi shade and natural forests, planted forests, riparian zones, ruderal/disturbed, scrub/shrublands, urban areas Bark Type Smooth
Distribution India, Westindies, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and naturalised in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, southern China, the southernmost United States Bark Details Smooth bark; thornless
Distribution in manipur Eastern Origin Native
    Leaf Type Simple
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Lence shaped
Description of Species This sprawling shrub has glossy, smooth, simple leaves 4"-8" long. Vine-like stems reach up to 12' in its native habitat, but it seldom reaches more than a 4' mound in a single season Leaf Details The leaves are simple, narrow lanceolate, 6–20 cm long and 2–4.5 cmbroad, smooth and glossy, with an entire margin

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