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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Bridelia retusa (Linn.) A.Juss.

Family: Phyllanthaceae Genus: Bridelia Species: Bridelia retusa (Linn.) A.Juss.






Synonym Bridelia cambodiana Gagnep., Bridelia amoena Wall. ex Baill.
Flower Color Greenish
Common Name Kaji, Khaja, Kassi ,Asana, Eka divi Flower Type Raceme
English / Trade Name Spinous Kino Tree Flowering Period July-Sept
Vernacular /Local Name - Fruiting Period Oct-Dec
Altitude 100-1400 m Fruit Type Drupe
Habit Tree Fruit Details Drupes globose, 7-10 mm across, greenish-purple, arranged in axillary or terminal spikes
Habitat Occurs in evergreen forests usually occur as narrow strips along water courses Bark Type Prickly
Distribution India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, southern China, and Sumatra Bark Details Long spines when young; bark grey
Distribution in manipur Origin Native
    Leaf Type Simple
    Leaf Arrangement Alternate (leaves born singly along stem)
    Leaf Shape Elliptic
Description of Species Deciduous trees, to 8 m high, with about 2-3 cm long spines when young; bark grey. Leaves elliptic-oblong, entire or slightly crenulate, base obtuse or truncate, obtuse or acute at apex. Flowers small, dioecious, greenish yellow, in axillary or spicateclusters.Stamens 5, filaments united below in the column. Fruits a fleshy drupe, size of a pea, purple-black.Bark yields tannin; leaves as fodder; fruits edible, sweet in taste; decoction of roots given in diarrhea; bark in boiled water is used to gargle in gum diseases Leaf Details Leaves elliptic-oblong, 7.5-20 x 5-9 cm, entire or slightly crenulate, base obtuse or truncate, obtuse or acute at apex

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